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BLOCHSOX™ Dance Sock Spin-Spot Brake Lines Grip Ctrl Lines A1000

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BLOCHSOX™ is a cutting-edge dance sock designed for dancers to push boundaries with equal comfort and support.

BLOCHSOX™ gives you stability in your turns, support in your jumps and perfection in your lines.

With innovative features like a built-in spin-spot, brake lines, grip  control lines and enhanced compression arch, the freedom to dance with  total control is now possible.
Smoother turns, jump support and the ability to hold difficult lines are a few of the benefits dancers can expect to experience.

Available in Black, Sand and Charcoal.

If you appreciate beautifully made great fitting quality dance socks that combine utmost comfort and design at a fantastic price then look no further.


  • Brake lines – two lines in the forefoot area behind the spin-spot and five lines on the heel, are strategically positioned to help a dancer stabilise pirouettes and control challenging dance moves, whilst still allowing the ease of gliding in the sock.
  • Spin-spot - designed to allow dancer’s to turn and glide smoothly, the spin-spot also features extra padding to protect dancer's bones.
  • Grip control lines – on the inside of the sock in the spin spot area, these specially engineered sticky fibres help hold the sock in place on dancer's foot.
  • Double welt compression cuff – not only will the sock stay up on a  dancer’s leg, it is designed with the right amount of stretch and  compression for a natural fit.
  • Enhanced compression arch – supportive and designed to hug the dancer's  foot, the compression arch shows-off a dancer’s foot line.
  • Padded heel – extra padding has been added to the heel to protect dancer's bones.
  • BLOCHSOX™ have been engineered to hold their shape better than regular socks.

Available in a range of sizes and colours including sand, charcoal and black.